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The Coalition and Finance Montréal Surveying on Skills of the Future in Damage Insurance

posted on April 5, 2018

A technological shift is underway in the damage insurance industry that will significantly transform the nature of the work of professionals throughout the coming years. The Coalition pour la promotion des professions en assurance de dommages (Coalition) is conducting a survey with Finance Montréal on the skills of the future in Damage Insurance.

As an intermediary between new professionals, employers, and educational institutions offering training in damage insurance, the Coalition believes it is important to ensure consistency of the industry’s future needs with the skills being taught to professionals through their training.

President and CEO of the Coalition Robert LaGarde emphasizes the necessity of this effort: “The industry has undergone a technological shift and this involves relationships with the clients, risk detection and management, setting premiums, and settling clams. This change is becoming apparent. According to the latest survey on workforce needs, 87% of the companies confirm the evolution of technologies has had an impact on the skills that are valued in candidates[1]. This is why we must look into it right now.”

The Coalition and Finance Montréal have mandated the firm Aviseo Conseil to conduct this survey on future skills. With this work, they will provide a full picture of the damage insurance ecosystem in Quebec, analyze the transformation ahead and the skills of the future in the major professions, and make an inventory of the current offering in terms of training in order to assess their relevancy based on the skills that will be required in the future.

In the upcoming months, Aviseo Conseil will contact industry firms and educational institutions to gather the perceptions of all the actors on this topic. “The Coalition is counting on the participation of the companies. This survey meets a need that was expressed by the industry and will benefit all firms within it,” said Robert LaGarde.

For any questions you may have about the project, please feel free to contact Arnaud Blancquaert with Aviseo Conseil, by phone at 514-923-2485, or by email at


[1] Coalition. Les besoins et la qualité de la main-d’oeuvre dans l’industrie de l’assurance de dommages au Québec, conducted by SCOR, 2017.